Remembering Super Dude

I did this little sketch for Sonja a few months ago in our Spanish Class, Sonja suggested that I put it up on my blog.  At first I was just trying to draw a cute little picture of her late hamster Super Dude but when I finished it I realized that artistically it was a tiny tribute to the little guy.  He was a good hamster, he had big puffs of fur on his butt that Sonja liked to refer to as "ass jets", and he liked to eat and sleep and cuddle.  So, this one is for you Super Dude!!!  



Sonja said…
I miss my little guy! he was such a good dude! I hope he is in hamster heaven eating a gigantic piece of popcorn and cuddling up in the toe of an old sock. That's when he was happiest :)
Trevor said…
Nice hamster. I like that you left the lines of the note paper. Very whimsical

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