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Ms. Marvel, I Presume.

Cup O' Doodle


Bat-squirrel sneak peek.

Drawing Life.

Superman: Man of Fashion

Vintage Superman

Lana Lang: Insect Queen


The Pie-Face Prince of Pretzelburg

Peterkin Pottle, Life Guard

A Pig (a study in blue) Headshot Commission

The Original Warrior Princess...

Who's Scruffy Lookin'?


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Let's All Go To The Maul

I Once Knew A Guy Who Wore A Hat Like That


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Hey Homie...

Supes To Start The Day

Wonder Woman

Ale - e - en

Sup Queenie?

Strike A Pose!

Working (It) Out With Batgirl

Let The Wookie Win


The Doctors are in.

The Laughing Man

King And Queen Of Hearts.

Hey Frankie, Whatcha Workin' On?

Little Frank.