The sky is falling

To me a drawing (especially a drawing of a costumed crusader) is much more fun to look at when it is fluid and simple. A drawing can really get bogged down when there is too much going on. Something I have been trying to work on lately with my art is to just have more fun with it. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in worrying what the finished product is going to look like that I end up not enjoying myself or the drawing anymore, and it shows through. Generally when I stop having fun with a drawing, that is when the drawing comes out stiff, rigid, and pretty much unemotional. So on that note, here is a picture of Superman. I drew this sketch very quickly and as you can see it is not very detailed, but I personally really like the way it turned out. I think it came out looking the way I wanted it because oddly I just shut my brain off and let my pencil go to work. When drawing it is so easy to get caught up with over thinking anatomy, form, placement, perspective, composition, etc....and while these things are important I think that they should come second on the list of what makes an enjoyable drawing. Have fun when drawing, have fun in life, have fun in all that you do, because when you do the end result is so much more pleasing. See you here next time.



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