Freedom at last!!!!

I find that at this point right now in my life there is a lot of change on the horizon. I have never been one to except change well, but for some reason this time around I do not fear it, I am willing to embrace it. It is more important to appreciate what you have in your life and hold on to those things than it is to constantly worry and mourn. I really do believe that you can't have the good without the bad, which is just the way life is. But how could we ever truly know how good something is if we never have the bad to give us a frame of reference? I am trying my hardest to be optimistic these days, to let go of my fear, and my anger and my guilt. It is hard to do sometimes but to be naive and have hope for the future has got to be a better life than being realistic and filled with doom.


Crystal said…
I like this piece a lot. =]

And I'm really happy that your being more optimistic. It reminds me of the Dave that I met in the beginning.

As long as we learn from our past mistakes (whatever they may be) we are giving ourselves a chance to live and love again.

Sonja said…
Are those flaming meat balls? You are so talented Davey!! You fucking rock. I love you buddy!.
Horacio said…
That is so cool! I love snowball fights!!! Some people think snowball fights suck. They only focus on how much it hurts or how cold it feels when you get hit. You, on the other hand, are looking on "the bright side". Your cup is half full. You see the fun in that good ole fashion winter pastime and welcome it with open arms. And, is that the guy from "It's a Wonderful Life"? I get it! He thought life sucked too but then he learns his lesson at the end of the movie. That's genius! Pure genius! Huh? What? Flaming meteorites? Oh my gosh! I'm so embarrassed. That', too. Really. Ha! Just kidding. I knew it was meteorites all along. But, I think you better tell that one girl that left you a comment. She thinks they're meatballs. Who knows? Maybe she was just hungry when she wrote that?

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