Superman Wednesday

Well here is the next picture in my effort to draw all of the Super-family characters, this one is of Superman himself!!! Superman is just such an iconic character, he really is the first real super hero/comic book character ever and he has been around so long that his image and name can bridge generations. I was showing my Grandma some of my art work yesterday and the second she saw this picture she exclaimed "oh Superman, I know him". I think that that is pretty incredible. Well that is about it for me today....if I can post another sketch on Friday I will be back on track for posting Monday, Wednesday, and Friday every week, well for this week at least. Have a good one everybody.

"by thy side"



Marisa said…
Dang Dave! You're a drawing MACHINE!! xo
Rebecca said…
Very cool Dave!!! I love the pictures!!! You are so talented ;)

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