Inking fun for everyone!!!

I fully realize that there are a lot of things that I need to keep practicing as far as my art of those things (as I have mentioned before) is drawing woman, another one is inking!!! A lot of people assume that inking is just "tracing", but inking really is a vital step in comic books these days. Of course something that is starting to show up a little in comics is digital inking, which is just scanning very clean drawings and adjusting the darkness and filling in the black on photoshop...however I don't think that digital inking will ever take over the art of real inks. Good inking can add depth and weight to a drawing, it can change the entire mood of a drawing and there for (even though I would never want to be and inker) it is something I need to practice. With that said, here are a few sketches I did with some ink put on top. These drawings are not really finished drawings therefore these inks are not really finished inks...but I still thought it would be fun to post them anyway!!! I hope everyone has a great day....see ya!



Sonja said…
She's beautiful! Very RINGO, darlin!

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