Wonder Woman and Power Girl

I am still trying to get better at drawing woman, so this is another attempt at that, and I am trying to have two or more characters interacting in one scene, so this is also an experiment with that as well. I really have been enjoying all the drawing I have been able to do lately, and this drawing blog motivates me to continuously be thinking of and drawing out the images in my head. I also appreciate everyone’s comments, thanks for checking out my work!!!!! Well that is it for me for another week; I am really looking forward to my three-day weekend!!! Have a great Memorial Day everyone. See you next week!!!!! Dave


Marisa said…
Look at the knockers on Power Girl. Wah woo wee woo!
Lindsey said…
Nice job Dave, wonder where you come up with these characters. You nee to work on Wonder Woman's left leg though, seems a little gimpy.
Stephen said…
Another one for the spank bank! :) Well done my pornographer friend, keep the world entertained.

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