The invitation from HELL

Every year at my work we have a special event/ fundraiser called the Festival of Chefs. This year I was asked to draw and invitation for the festival. Well all I can say is that I think I have really gotten a real taste of what it is like to be a free lance artist. I worked and worked on one invite and after hours of work I thought that I had a pretty good piece of finished work. The invite was brought to a meeting to be shown to the group running the event. They really liked but wanted a few things changed. Unfortunately these few minor changes meant I was going to have to redraw the entire invite. So this is the new invite, I still have to ink and color it, but I think that this one turned out even better than the first one. I have learned a few important lessons with this project, but one thing that I realize time and time again is that some people just don't understand the creative process; they think you wave a magic wand and it's done. Well I guess I am coming out of this one a little wiser. Have a great day everyone!!!!!


Sonja F. said…
well buddy, you know my feelings on your art(I THINK YOUR ARE AN AWESOME ARTIST!) but besides that, I enjoy this invitation plus the original one you drew. Keep up the great work my friend, your art only gets better :)
Marisa said…
Dude, this invite is the bomb. I especially like the rabbit. You've really out done yourself Dave!
Judy said…
I actually like this invite better than the first. You got the touch my friend. What happened to the falling leaves?

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