I just finished watching the last episode of Rome on HBO. I am a little disappointed that the show will not be back on again, but they did a good job wrapping up all of the loose ends. But the main thing that made this show so good was the building friendship between two of the main characters, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. If you haven't seen Rome I suggest you do. Todays drawing is of Titus Pullo, the kind hearted brute, who just happens to be a bad-ass with a sword!!!


Leesha said…
What is the last episode??? it's not the one were Titus goes and tells Octavian that he killed the son of Cezer and that Vorenus died was it? OMG I will be so upset lol I just got done that one and was looking forward to watching more!
Marisa said…
Judy said…
Thats so fucking far out!!!

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