2007 will mark my sixth year in a row going to San Diego Comic Con!!! It really is a wonderful experience, and it is getting so now to where you don't even need to like comics to have a great time at the con!!! Well for years now I have been telling my self that I will make a portfolio and take it to the con to show publishers and artists and editors. Well I think this year will finally be that time. From what I understand it can be very hectic showing a portfolio around the con, long lines of other hopeful artists, picking numbers and entering a lottery just to get a spot in line, but I guess that is just the name of the game. Todays post is my first page for my new portfolio, it is Plasticman fighting Mr. Fantastic, they both have the same stretching powers and I thought it would be fun to see these two fight each other!!!


Crystal said…
It's always hard showing your portfolio to anyone. =[

But break a leg kid!

You're talented so it won't be that hard. =]

Marisa said…
Best wishes showing your work B!
Anonymous said…
Your a talented artist, and one day your hardwork will pay off!

You can do anything that you set your warped mind too Lol!!

best wishes

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