Will the real Superman please fly up?

Regarding Superman's costume: I'll always be a fan of the classic look with the yellow belt and the red trunks. It's a classic look for a classic character. I'm glad that DC is moving away from the New 52 costume though. I'm not sure why so many creators always want to re-design Superman's suit with a high, militaristic collar. It just doesn't fit with his personality. Of course, in a time where we have a dark, joyless Superman in the movies I guess the comics become a reflection of how the character is perceived within popular culture. Superman should always represent power and strength while also exhibiting kindness and warmth. It's what makes him Super. My morning warm-up for today is a drawing of Superman in his new "Rebirth" costume. I'm still not crazy about the red belt and the blue boots, but, I'm glad that they've moved back to the open collar. Either way, this was my morning warm-up drawing of the Man of Steel in his new duds.


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