Working (It) Out With Batgirl

Thursday's theme on Delineation Daily was to redesign Batgirl's suit.  I figured this would be a great chance to get some good drawing time in on the female form.  Little did I know that this theme would torment me for the next two days.


The drawing above was my first attempt.  I had some fun with the suit and experimented with a more cartoony style, but it just wasn't kicking me in the had no punch.  Plus I felt like I could design an even better suit for Miss. Gordon.  So, I decided to try again.  

My second attempt was this more youthful, street clothes wearing Batgirl.  I've been trying to figure out just what has been bothering me about this drawing and I think I have finally figured it out...the face.  It's so expressionless, I think this drawing would really shine if I go back and rework the face.  There was still something missing though, it all still just seemed to stiff.  So I went back to the beginning...

...and I just started to scribble and sketch and make a mess on the page.  I put all thought of costume and detail out of my mind and just tried to focus on motion and movement.  I really started to like what I had put down and moved on to tightening this pose up a bit.  Eventually that led me to...

...THIS!  This I was happy with.  It's not a redesign of Batgirl's costume or anything, but it's simple, it moves, and it has a lot of potential to become a finished drawing.  I really enjoyed the process I went through with these Batgirl drawings and I learned a great deal while working out the problems I was having.   


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