The Curse of Capistrano

When daggers are pointed at innocent hearts
And muskets are ready to fire
When tyrants ride high and govern with fear
As the forces of evil conspire
Then from out of the night a hero must rise
With courage that even a mask won't disguise
They turn to . . . the man called Zorro...

Well I thought I would post something that in my mind kind of goes along with yesterday's post, Zorro! Zorro is by far my favorite fictional character. I have so many fond memories of watching Zorro (played by Duncan Regehr) on the Family Channel. Bob Kane (the creator of Batman) has stated before that Zorro was a huge inspiration to him when he created "The Gotham City Batman". Even George Lucas was in part inspired by Zorro when he created Indiana Jones. So with that being said I leave you today with a sketch of the original caped crusader.



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