Monday, July 30, 2007

Another year at Comic Con!!!!!

I am back from Comic Con, and I had a blast. The con just gets bigger and better every year. Of course like I said in my last blog the con is only half the fun. The rest of my days in San Diego were spent having fun with my friends. We had lots of good food (even if we had to walk around for a long time to find a place to eat), good drinks, and we went and saw the Simpsons Movie, which was very funny and was done very well.
Of course when I got back from San Diego yesterday the back right tire on my car was flat. I got it fixed today, it had two nails in it and I had to have a new tire put on because one of the nails was in the shoulder of the tire so they couldn't jus patch it. But it dosn't matter I had a great time at the con and I look forward to going again next year. Here are just a few of the pictures that I took at Comic Con!!! See ya!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Comic Con 2007!!!!!

Well it is that time of year again. The time where fans of comic books, movies, video games, collectibles and generally anything having to do with pop culture come together at the biggest comic book convention around, San Diego Comic Con!!!!! I started going to Comic Con back in 2001, and have been making the trek back every year since. The experience of the con is so overwhelming and so exciting that it is hard to describe in words the amount of things that one would do and see there, but starting Thursday my week will be filled with fun at Comic Con and getting drunk with my friends on “Doughnut Dock”!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Art Blog is Back!!!!!

Whew… well it has been a long time since my last art blog, I have been so busy lately with a special event for work that I have had hardly any time to draw for myself. But the event is over now and I can finally get back into the swing of things with my art blog. I want to say thanks to all of the people who came and volunteered their time to help us with the event, I really do have the greatest friends. I really love keeping this art blog up and it is always my goal to keep it as consistent as possible. Drawing this blog every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday really is a great way to draw consistently through the week and at times can even be a little therapeutic. It has been interesting hearing from quite a few people about my blog and asking me when it was coming back, and even though I do this blog for myself it is a lot of fun to share it and hear what everyone else thinks. So I leave you today with a drawing of a character called Thanon. A few years back (probably more than just a few) a friend and I tried to start a comic book called the Valor saga, it really was a great story filled with imaginative characters. It never really got off the ground unfortunately, mostly due to my lack of faith in my art work and the inconsistency of my drawing style, but one day I would love to go back and revisit those characters and that world. Well that’s it for me for another day; I hope everyone has a great day.