Comic Con 2007!!!!!

Well it is that time of year again. The time where fans of comic books, movies, video games, collectibles and generally anything having to do with pop culture come together at the biggest comic book convention around, San Diego Comic Con!!!!! I started going to Comic Con back in 2001, and have been making the trek back every year since. The experience of the con is so overwhelming and so exciting that it is hard to describe in words the amount of things that one would do and see there, but starting Thursday my week will be filled with fun at Comic Con and getting drunk with my friends on “Doughnut Dock”!!!!


Sonja said…
You should add little stink lines. Dorks like that usually have a funky odor. :)

Have a really good time!! Bring me back the weirdest / ugliest thing you can find. (I need to work on your ZORRO CAPE for next year!!!)

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