Thursday, May 31, 2007


For today's post I wanted to mention the awesome factor of a website called It is an artist community going about 4 million strong, where you can post drawings, paintings, crafts, photos, poetry, pretty much anything. The best part about it is the ability to network with artists all over the world. So that brings me to today's sketch, this is a character named Kiva from a show called Megas XLR. A fellow deviant on deviant art found my gallery and asked me if I could do a sketch of this character. I had never heard of the character or the show before, but I really had a great time drawing this character. Plus it went along with what I have talked about in previous posts, which is to get better at drawing woman. I think I might even add some color to this sketch in the next couple of days. Hope everyone has a great day!!!!

If you would like to check out deviant art or my deviant gallery this is the link


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A weekend well spent

Well I guess the title says it all!!! I had a Memorial Day three day weekend and I really feel like it was a weekend done right. Saturday, my buddy Steve and I cleaned the entire apartment, which ended up looking great. Then I went and saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3, which was not a very good movie, I guess three is not really the charm!!!!! Sunday we were going to have a beach party, but everyone else in Southern California had the same idea and by the time Steve and I got down there it was packed to the brim. So instead we had a nice little party at the apartment, it was nice seeing everyone and getting a chance to just kick back!!!! Monday was pretty much over by the time I woke up at about 1:30 in the afternoon. But I had a job to do; I had to fix the bottom of a pole at the apartment. About a month ago I hit it with my car. So Walker, Solum and I spent the day building a new base for the pole. I ended up having a lot of fun building the bottom of that beam with Steve and Steve. So that was pretty much the weekend and would probably explain why I feel so freaking tired today. Well congratulations if you actually made it to the end of this ramble, how everyone else had a great Memorial Day.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wonder Woman and Power Girl

I am still trying to get better at drawing woman, so this is another attempt at that, and I am trying to have two or more characters interacting in one scene, so this is also an experiment with that as well. I really have been enjoying all the drawing I have been able to do lately, and this drawing blog motivates me to continuously be thinking of and drawing out the images in my head. I also appreciate everyone’s comments, thanks for checking out my work!!!!! Well that is it for me for another week; I am really looking forward to my three-day weekend!!! Have a great Memorial Day everyone. See you next week!!!!! Dave

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The invitation from HELL

Every year at my work we have a special event/ fundraiser called the Festival of Chefs. This year I was asked to draw and invitation for the festival. Well all I can say is that I think I have really gotten a real taste of what it is like to be a free lance artist. I worked and worked on one invite and after hours of work I thought that I had a pretty good piece of finished work. The invite was brought to a meeting to be shown to the group running the event. They really liked but wanted a few things changed. Unfortunately these few minor changes meant I was going to have to redraw the entire invite. So this is the new invite, I still have to ink and color it, but I think that this one turned out even better than the first one. I have learned a few important lessons with this project, but one thing that I realize time and time again is that some people just don't understand the creative process; they think you wave a magic wand and it's done. Well I guess I am coming out of this one a little wiser. Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Spidey and MJ

Gonna make this a quick one today, I have to keep working on drawing an invitation for the special event at my work!!!! This sketch of Old Web Head and Mary Jane is just another attempt at 1. drawing more women 2. doing something more than just people/characters standing around not doing anything. Hope everyone has a good Monday, back to the grindstone.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Thought I would draw something a little different for today’s post. I realized that I hardly ever draw woman, and the reason for that is that I am not that good at drawing them. But the only way I am going to get better at it is to practice. Once I have mastered that I guess I am going to have to start seriously working on some sequential art if I am ever going to have a decent portfolio to show at Comic-Con. Well that’s it for another week, hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Anyone else looking forward to Pirates 3? I know that I am. So I thought I would draw a picture of Captain Jack Sparrow. This is my first real attempt at a digital painting. My buddy Joel gave me a Wacom Tablet for Christmas and it is the fucking radest thing, no more drawing with a bar of soap for me. Out-a-here!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


by Sylvia
Tumbleweed, you're living a cowboy's dream
Tumbleweed, freedom is the air you breathe
But if you don't stop long enough
Let yourself fall in love
Tumbleweed, your gonna end up lonely
You've been riding the rain all alone for so long
No one can hold you the wind is too strong
I tell you I love you and ask you to stay
You already driftin' away
Tumbleweed, you're living a cowboy's dream
Tumbleweed, freedom is the air you breathe
But if you don't stop long enough
Let yourself fall in love
Tumbleweed, you're gonna end up lonely
You won't be broken and you won't be tied down
You drift with the wind barely touching the ground
Up late at night I'll be under the stars
There's an empty space in your arms
Tumbleweed, you're living a cowboy's dream
Tumbleweed, freedom is the air you breathe
But if you don't stop long enough
Let yourself fall in love
Tumbleweed, you're gonna end up lonely
Tumbleweed, you're gonna end up lonely

Monday, May 14, 2007

Freedom at last!!!!

I find that at this point right now in my life there is a lot of change on the horizon. I have never been one to except change well, but for some reason this time around I do not fear it, I am willing to embrace it. It is more important to appreciate what you have in your life and hold on to those things than it is to constantly worry and mourn. I really do believe that you can't have the good without the bad, which is just the way life is. But how could we ever truly know how good something is if we never have the bad to give us a frame of reference? I am trying my hardest to be optimistic these days, to let go of my fear, and my anger and my guilt. It is hard to do sometimes but to be naive and have hope for the future has got to be a better life than being realistic and filled with doom.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Eddie Brock

I wanted to draw a picture of Eddie Brock turning into Venom for today's post. I went and saw the midnight showing of Spider-man 3 last night and I will only say that it didn't really meet my expectations!!! The very cool character of Venom did not really feature as much as you might think in the new movie, so it gave me the hankering to draw Eddie Brock becoming the bad-ass that Venom really is!!! Well that's it for another Friday have a great weekend everyone!!!!