Monday, April 30, 2007


Well I finally finished the Superman picture I have been working on for the last week. If anything I have learned that I really need to work on getting better at inking and coloring. I had a lot of fun coloring this Superman picture though. I started this blog as a way to keep myself a little more disciplined when it comes to continuously producing art on a daily basis, well last Friday I did not post anything so I am making this post a two for one. I really want to start drawing characters that I have never drawn before or at the very least characters that I hardly ever draw. So today I drew up a sketch of Nightcrawler from X-men. Well that’s it for me today I will be back Wednesday!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Today's post is of Superman. As I was drawing it I realized that I was naturally drawing him in a very cartoony style. I have always been a fan of animated style art and in the past my art reflected that cartoon style. I definatly went through a point with my art where I was drawing more realistic, but after a short time I realized that I did not have as much fun drawing that way. They say when it comes to art, you should let your style come naturally to you, and I have been pleased the last few months to see that by the time I have finished a picture it seems to have more of that fun cartoony look that I used to really strive for. Well the final plan for this picute is to do my final pencils (clean-ups), ink it and then color it.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Today's sketch is of Eric Powell's "The Goon". If you have never read "The Goon" check out "The Goon is a great comic book, filled with action and Eric Powell's brand of very twisted humor!!! I had never drawn The Goon before, and I ended up drawing him over and over again the last few days, I really haven't been able to come up with a drawing that I am happy with that involves this character. I am starting to get a little frustrated with this character, all in all he seems as though he should be simple to render, yet I just can't seem to get it just right. But as I have learned over and over again they can't all be gems.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


2007 will mark my sixth year in a row going to San Diego Comic Con!!! It really is a wonderful experience, and it is getting so now to where you don't even need to like comics to have a great time at the con!!! Well for years now I have been telling my self that I will make a portfolio and take it to the con to show publishers and artists and editors. Well I think this year will finally be that time. From what I understand it can be very hectic showing a portfolio around the con, long lines of other hopeful artists, picking numbers and entering a lottery just to get a spot in line, but I guess that is just the name of the game. Todays post is my first page for my new portfolio, it is Plasticman fighting Mr. Fantastic, they both have the same stretching powers and I thought it would be fun to see these two fight each other!!!


I just finished watching the last episode of Rome on HBO. I am a little disappointed that the show will not be back on again, but they did a good job wrapping up all of the loose ends. But the main thing that made this show so good was the building friendship between two of the main characters, Lucius Vorenus and Titus Pullo. If you haven't seen Rome I suggest you do. Todays drawing is of Titus Pullo, the kind hearted brute, who just happens to be a bad-ass with a sword!!!


The funny thing about this picture is that I just started drawing, I didn't really know what the final picture was going to look like. By the time I was done this is what came out!!!


The first comic book I ever drew was in fourth grade in Ms. Holme's class. I drew the entire thing on spiral bound notebook paper. Though I should have been paying attention in class something interesting happened that day, I created my very first comic book character and villain. Stingray and Captain Bad. I still cant believe that even in fourth grade I thought Captain Bad was a cool name for any character!!! But low and behold I ended up drawing Stingray over and over again for years to come. So I thought I would draw Stingray and Captain Bad again and share it here!!! It was fun drawing these characters again no matter how campy they may be!!!