It’s getting hot hot hot!!!

Unfortunatly just another quick one today, I am really rushing right now but I wanted so bad to post something, I think it has been about a week since my last art blog, one day I will truly get into the swing of things and be able to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all the time...but for now I am just going to comment on how freaking hot it is, I know it gets hot like this (and even more so) in other places but from a native Southern Californian this is just plain old hot, and I am not a fan.

I also wanted to post a new drawing that I am working on, this is for my buddy Evan (I had promised him a drawing like a year ago) I finally got something I really liked on paper so here it is old wing head Captain America!!!

I hope everyone has a great Labor Day...I hope to be back here again Wednesday. And try to stay cool!!!



Sonja said…
It's seriously hotter than the surface of the sun outside. What happened to beautiful Southern California? It wasn't like this when we were younger right? Gross! Anyway, awesome drawings! And HOORAY for the competition!. I think I will miss cheese sticks and beer the most...but this is gonna rock, for sure. Love ya dude!

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