Still reeling...

The last few days I have been trying very hard to pick up my pencil and draw. Drawing has always brought me so much joy, but since Mike Wieringo's death every time I try and put something on paper my heart is just not in it. Mike Wieringo was such an inspiration too me that I always had his work, his style, his way of things tucked into the back of my mind when I would draw. Mike Wieringo had so much love for comics and the art and wonder that go into them, and I know that he would absolutely hate it if his death diminished the artist in anyone. He was always promoting young artists and trying to do whatever he could to help them. So I have decided that it is important to not let Mike's death deture me from my art, but instead I will work ten times as hard, and do my best to draw and create as often and as passionately as humanly possible. I started working on a drawing today of my favorite character from the comic Tellos. Tellos was co-created by Mike Wieringo and it was a wonderful comic book, but due to my new work schedual I did not have very much time to work on it. So I am posting a picture of the character Koj from Tellos. This picture is special to me because Mike Wieringo saw it on and commented on it himself. He wrote " David I am thrilled that you did this, great take on Koj, nice work". This was one the highlights of my life so I thought that in honor of Mike Wieirngo I would post it here!!!! I hope everyone has a great day!!!

"By thy side"



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