Random Friday Sketch

Well I was doing pretty well staying true to myself and keeping up with my blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But I really didn't have a lot of time to draw this week. Which is sad because when I don't draw anything for a while I can feel a difference in my work when I finally start on something new. I wish that I had more time to do a sketch for today's blog but this is about all I could do. I didn't even have time to tighten up the pencils with graphite. I guess at least this way you can get an idea of what a semi-rough piece of work from me looks like. The last week I have been focusing on two things, our event at work and trying to eat healthier and go to the gym throughout the week. I was doing really well for a long time with being healthier but I lost sight of that for a while so it is time to get back up in the saddle and try again. I hope next week I can post some pictures of the cool things we have been working on for our event (The Festival of Chefs). I hope everyone has a great week. See ya on Monday (I hope)!!!!


Judy said…
Your sketch looks like that guy you introduced me to at art supply. Nice work though.
Horacio said…
I like it. He looks like a Victorian mad scientist, sophisticated, yet diabolical, the kind of guy who would scoff at Dr. Frankenstein and then turn around and start tinkering with his own misguided insult to humanity.
Is this Dr. Benton Quest?

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